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My name is Debra, but I mostly respond to the many roles of my life. Wife to a down to earth man who loves my whole soul and cares for the wounded day by day. Mom to three grown up babies who are my contrary delight and intentional joy.

When they were littles...


I am a leader in the workplace, where I build into people’s lives and try to make my corner of the earth just a little better. I am a community builder, creating space for the wildfire of love to break out among ordinary people. I am a writer and teacher, painting pictures with words trying to capture  something real.


I follow hard on the heels of the One who called me by name. As a Christ follower, I desire to live out the love and grace that He’s poured into my life. I Seek to comfort the wounded, strengthen the weak, and set the captives free. I long to be a woman of influence, impacting my world with the Grace and Truth of Jesus. At the end of my life, I pray that it could be said of me… All she was, was His.

Thank you for your interest in Cascading Life Ministries. I began this adventure hoping to create a space for community to flourish. I wish I could sit with you at my kitchen table over a long cup of coffee to talk about life and love, hope and more. I am completely blessed that you might linger here and share your thoughts with me.

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